Mike and Teresa Dyke :: 2021 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Mike and Theresa Dyke - Hall of Fame Inductees
Mike and Teresa Dyke with Executive Committee



Annually, the Ohio Hot Stove Baseball League recognizes those who have and continue to contribute greatly to our organization and to the betterment and sustainment of youth baseball in our communities.  This year, we recognize two individuals who are truly examples of the type of people whose character and dedication keep Hot Stove Baseball alive.  They work tirelessly to make certain that every young boy and girl in their character and surrounding charters are afforded the opportunity to play baseball and are wholly committed to their success.  This year’s recipients of the Hall of Fame Award truly exemplify what it means to serve others without any expectation of personal gain.  Among other things, they have coached, managed, and volunteered in many capacities over the years and are currently serving as President and Treasurer of the Sebring West Branch Hot Stove Baseball League.  Thank you for all that you do.  It is my great honor and privilege to present the 2021 OHSBL Hall of Fame Award to my friends and colleagues, Mike and Teresa Dyke.

Ohio Hot Stove is proud to announce that Mike and Teresa Dyke were inducted into the Ohio Hot Stove Hall of Fame!


Pat Anderson :: 2021 Cy Butler Award Winner

Pat Anderson - 2021 Cy Butler Award Winner
Pat Anderson with Executive Committee

Pat Anderson - 2021 Cy Butler Award Winner