President's Message

We are a travel league for players from 5 years old through adult. We welcome players of all abilities.

I would like you to consider Ohio Hot Stove Baseball League (OHSBL) your league. If you already play or are playing for the first time I would like to welcome you and wish you a great season.

OHSBL offers a great end of season tournament second to none. Good luck to all.

Welcome to the website of Ohio Hot Stove Baseball League, Inc. You will find within the site a brief history of Ohio Hot Stove Baseball League, Inc., that includes a short story about our founding father Mr. Cy Butler.

The web site provides information concerning Charter application, Tournament information, State Champions, Rule Book Changes, Active Charters, etc.

Included are the names of our Hall Of Fame members in an attempt to honor some of the many people who have helped to make Ohio Hot Stove Baseball the program that it is today.

We appreciate you visiting our web site and continue to do so as the construction continues. Our goal is to make this as informative and useful as possible for the members of the Ohio Hot Stove Baseball League, Inc. program.

On behalf of the OHSBL Executive Committee and myself please visit us again.

Thank you,
Lou Vasi

March 19, 2020

Updated Statement on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

     The world is a different place today than it was yesterday, a week ago or even a month ago. We at Ohio Hot Stove Baseball League, Inc. are facing a new world along with the rest of society and hope to use this pandemic as a chance to make our communities stronger. While our organization is focused on youth sports, we recognize that the situation we are in effects so many more people. Our hopes and prayers are for all families who are directly or indirectly effected by the virus.

     The OHSBL Executive Committee met by conference call to discuss the current situation and plan for our collective future. It was determined that we will make every attempt to play a full season in 2020. Based on current State and Federal guidance, as well as the Centers for Disease Control, we believe that current measures will allow our season to start on time. We are also aware that the situation in Ohio and the rest of the country does change daily as we learn more about the virus. Based on the information we have at this time, we feel that social and physical distancing precautions, if followed correctly, will allow us to have a great season. Should the standards or directives change, OHSBL will adjust accordingly to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We will continue to plan for an on-time start to the season.

     We strongly encourage all OHSBL families to strictly adhere to guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio and the CDC as we can all directly affect the reduced spread of COVID-19 and work toward its eradication. Please continue to follow information posted by the Centers for Disease Control and State of Ohio Department of Health.

 In addition, Ohio Hot Stove Baseball League, Inc. would also like to make the following statements:

  • Since we plan on stating on time, all published deadlines for fees, rosters and other forms will remain unchanged. Please reference the 2020 Ohio Hot Stove Rule Book for those deadlines.

  • The OHSBL April meeting will take place in a modified format. There will be no formal meeting however Charters will still pickup baseball orders and drop off rosters, forms and payments at the same prescribed date and time. Additional details will be emailed to Charter representatives closer to the April 19, 2020 date.

  • Charters are advised to begin regular season scheduling to start May 4, 2020 or later. Our goal is to get as many games in as possible prior to the start of the State Tournament but must also adhere to public health precautions as well.

  • Follow social and physical distancing guidelines by limiting gathering sizes. Utilize teleconferencing capabilities as opposed to in-person meetings whenever possible. There are free (or trial) services, such as Ring or GoTo Meeting that can take the place of in-person gatherings.

  • Refrain from practices over the next few weeks to adhere to CDC recommendations. In addition, be sensitive to the individual concerns of families and respect their beliefs when it comes to practices. Allow each parent to practice their own safety precautions without penalty and avoid making practices mandatory.

  • Be diligent in practicing good hygiene and in recognizing ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and use common sense. Ensure proper hygiene products are available if you must meet in person. Our leadership and coaches are models of more than just baseball. Players follow us in drills and practices so we can all utilize this trust to teach life and hygiene lessons as well.

    In closing, please understand that we are all learning more daily and information, correct and misleading, confronts us constantly. We will continue to be flexible throughout this pandemic and ask for everyone to reciprocate. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact OHSBL President, Lou Vasi, 440-823-2796 or We thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Ohio Hot Stove Baseball Executive Committee